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Getting Started

  1. Click Here to fill out the Auto Data Form and email it back to Auto Ancestry for your free consultation. (Use sales@autoancestry.com for emails and the Auto Data Form only when your personal info is to be filled out.)

  2. We will evaluate your form, then email or call you to advise whether we believe there is a reasonable expectation for a successful search. If we cant help, well tell you quickly.

  3. If we agree to do your research we will advise you of the fee. You will not be committed to any additional cost without your specific agreement. You may pay by Paypal, bank check, personal check or money order per details on the fees page.

  4. When and if we are successful in finding any information during our search, that information will be provided to you. We always ask permission from any former owner we locate to give you their contact information. 99% of the time this is granted. Most former owners are very cooperative, and in fact are often happy to hear about their car.  Occasionally we encounter an unfriendly person or one who will not cooperate. That often is because they have something to hide. Anyone who has re-stamped an engine or made up a car is not likely to be very responsive. That is all taken into consideration and can often be revealing in an investigation.

    You will not be responsible for paying for any research not authorized by you.

  5. Some searches can be done in a short period of time. Others may require little research time but may take weeks or months to complete. A more difficult search can get very complicated and require many hours of research over an extended time.

  6. We will be glad to discuss the best way to research the history of your car with you.

  7. We do not guarantee results. We do guarantee to use our best efforts in your search.