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We will research the history of your antique auto using our experience, resources and best efforts.

Learning your carís history will increase its value by connecting you with former owners who can fill in the missing blanks about your car.
If time permits, a pre-purchase history can be invaluable in assessing the desirability and authenticity of a car, and can protect you from buying the wrong car. Fraud is rampant in the collector car world. Detecting fraud and deceit is routine in our business. Our work can save you from making a very costly mistake.
Do you have the name(s) of former owners but canít locate them? We specialize in finding lost car owners from the past and their families.

     Start the search by thoroughly reading our website. Then download, fill in, and return the confidential Owner Data Form by email. Based on what information you can provide we will make the determination whether there is a reasonable chance of a successful search. If we think we can help weíll contact you by email or phone. If we canít help weíll tell you why, and we wonít take your money. Either way, the process up to this point is our Free Consultation and is absolutely free of charge.

       If both parties agree to continue the search we will require a non-refundable fee which is based on the information you provide and the scope of your search. Our usual fee is $250 - $300. About 70% of the searches we accept require only the initial fee. However, more complicated searches may require additional time, so we may ask for an additional fee. There are occasions when a distant researcher needs to be hired and that process will require your approval in advance.  The decision is always yours, and we will only proceed with your approval. We are very liberal with our research time, and our most important priority is to obtain some meaningful history for your car.

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 About Us | What to Expect | Fees | Success Stories | Disclaimer | Contact Us | Get Started | Original Corvette Documents | Corvette Authentication   | Free Downloads


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